Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Angry Bear Scratches for... is a night of  new writing for charity where everyone involved - actors, writers, directors - very philanthropically (there's a big word for you) donate their time and talent, so that we can raise the maximum amount possible for the charity.


Each night raises money for a different charity. We put a call out for submissions of new short plays to a brief inspired by the work of the given charity. This brief is loose. Very loose. We're talking Dumbledore's understanding of child safety law kind of loose. So be creative.


We want submissions from writers of  all experiences and backgrounds and operate an anonymous-reading policy to make sure there is no bias. Each brief is released a few weeks before a submissions window opens to give you guys time to actually, you know... write something. And seeing as (Ha. Get it?... Oh wait, you don't know what I am about to say yet... well, just remember I said that, it was really funny), seeing as there is only 3 of us, and we only have 2 eyes each, we will close the submissions window when we reach a pre-determined number of plays. You will know this number in advance.

(Actually, it wasn't funny at all was it...)

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The Bears